Blending motherhood with business, from the beginning.

Blending motherhood with business, from the beginning.

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I don't have a certificate or piece of paper "proving" my worth in the industry. Even though, It's been over 5+ years of building this business from the ground up. I've listened to countless business related podcasts, taken half a dozen business courses, which does help but its still the road less travelled.

The majority of people don't take the unfamiliar route. We all want to be successful, but being an entrepreneur takes real perseverance. There is no sick days, no holidays, no "turning your brain off" for the weekend. That entrepreneur mindset doesn't stop. Always thinking, and dreaming of how to do better, be better and improve. Its really great, and really ugly and really really wild. Its rewarding.

Back then, I was "just" a stay at home mom with one toddler and one on the way, craving an identity for myself outside of motherhood and trying to be the best of someone's wife, sister, friend, or daughter. It was lonely. I thought I needed to work. I felt this invisible pressure, and judgement from other moms.

Never in a million years did I believe that I would become a business owner, chasing my dreams, with three beautiful children, and a supportive husband by my side. I just wanted to create art everyday, thats all.

Then one opportunity turned into two, which turned into three, and so on and so forth. I refused to give up, I refused to let anyone or anything kick me down. I wanted to feel valued at work, and to make others feel valued. Most importantly, I wanted freedom of time. So I made it my mission, and here we are.

Today, we have five women who work in our team, and I cannot wait to see what all of us can build together, moving forward.

The point is you CAN do what you love and be a great mom.

You just have to be stubborn enough to pursue it. We owe it to ourselves to become everything we've ever dreamed of being. Give yourself grace and start running.





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