Hanging up your sign with a sawtooth hanger

You will need:

The sign you're hanging, sawtooth hanger, a screw(and an anchor if you're not screwing into a stud), green painters tape, screwdriver, and a measuring tape and/or a level. This is much easier with two + people.

  1. Place your sign on the wall to get a look at where you want it to be, and then take green painters tape(not included) and tape under where you'd like it on your wall **TIP: look at it front the side angle as well, to make sure its not slightly crooked
  2. it is very important that when you are screwing a screw into your wall, that it is screwed into a stud, so that it can hold the weight of the sign. If it's not possible to use a stud to hang your sign, we strongly suggest using an anchor for your screw.
  3. once your sawtooth hanger is on the back of your sign, place your sign on the screw in the wall and observe. 
  4. Celebrate! Because you can do hard things!

Disclaimer: Caffeine Plus Chaos Inc. is not responsible for any signage falling and/or breaking. This is for general purposes only. Please contact us directly if you have any questions

Contact us if you have any questions
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