DIY Floating Lettering Install

You will need:

Green Painters Tape, Dry Microfibre Cloth, Tape Measure or Measuring Device and/or a Level. This is much easier with a group of two + people.

  1. Lay out all of the pieces and group them together how you want them to appear on the floor or table before placing on the wall.
  2. Make sure your wall is clean and remove any dust, I recommend doing a quick wipe using a dry microfibre cloth as the 3M wont bond properly if its dirty or will fall off quickly if it's dusty
  3. Place lettering on wall to get a look at where you want it to be, and then take green painters tape(not included) and tape under where you'd like letters on your wall **TIP: look at it front the side angle as well, to make sure its not slightly crooked
  4. Cut 3M and stick to back of letters, 2-3 pieces per letter is good. Do not remove the paper backing until right before sticking to wall.
  5. Peel paper backing and stick to wall, press firmly on lettering to ensure a good bond. Once you stick it to the wall, it bonds well so triple check as to where you want it to prevent breaking your floating lettering by moving it around

Disclaimer: Caffeine Plus Chaos Inc. is not responsible for any signage falling and/or breaking. This is for general purposes only. Please contact us directly if you have any questions

Contact us if you have any questions
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